Photographed/ Directed Documentaries in 35mm/16mm:

>Dial 101, directed by Shahrukh Baig on “Mumbai/Pune Police Wireless System”. 1974
>A Young Surgeon, directed by Surindra Suri on “A Young Doctor who pioneered Open-Heart Surgery at Sassoon Hospital, Pune”. 1974
>Dauligiri (Orissa), directed by Nirod Mahapatra on “The Ancient Site of Kalinga” which has Buddhist Stupa on top of Dauli Hill. 1974
>Udaygiri and Khandgiri Caves, directed by Nirod Mahapatra on “Ancient Jain Cave Temples” near Bhubhaneshwar. 1973
>Orissa Cement directed by Nirod Mahapatra on “Corporate Film on Orissa Cement Company”. 1973
>Alternate Sources of Energy, directed by Basu Bhattacharya for Commonwealth Prime Ministers Conference. 1977
>Agre’sar Gujarat in Gujarati 35mm. Eastmancolor on Implementation of e-Governance in Gujarat as Director & Cameraman 2002

As Cameraman/Director of Photography for ISRO Programmes:

>Bhaskara Satellite coverage’s
>Satellite Instructional Television Experiment SITE
>Satellite Telecommunications Experiments Project STEP
>Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment APPLE
>Indian National Satellite System INSAT -
> IRS - Indian Remote Sensing Satellite
>SLV3 E02 - Satellite Launching Vehicle
>SLAR – Side-looking Air-borne Radar.*

As a Director/ Cameraman in ISRO Ahmedabad:

> Satellite Launching Vehicle SLV3 E02
>Camera System of Indian Remote Sensing Satellite IRS Camera.
>Airlifting of Emergency Communications Terminal ECT
> Direct Reception System DRS
>Glaciers (Rivers of Ice) (Chota-Shigri Glacier Expedition)*
>Understanding Our Sun (Solar Observatory, Udaipur)*
>A Partnership for Progress documentary for ISRO Technology Transfer Programme
>Gir Calling - A documentary on Gir National Park, Sasan Gir the only habitat of Asiatic Lion. ***
>Destination Pirotan - Marine National Park at Gulf of Kutch, off Jamnagar. ***
>Black Buck: A documentary on Black Buck Sanctuary at Velavadar near Bhavnagar.
>Fragile Little Rann of Kutch - a documentary on Wild Ass Sanctuary Little Rann of Kutch ***
>Siddi’s of Sasan - A documentary on the African Tribes living in Sasan Gir**
>Maldhari’s of Sasan Gir- A documentary on the nomadic tribes living inside Gir National Park **